Thursday, 6 March 2014

Battle of the Budget Eye Primers

W7 Prime Magic Eye Primer, £1.99
MUA Pro Base Eye Primer, £2.50

After weeks, maybe months, of checking Superdrug for the MUA Pro Base Eye Primer I finally found it last week! It is also now in stock on the Superdrug website for anyone who can't find it in their local store.

I have been using the W7 primer since I bought it in November but I wanted to test the MUA version as well. I decided that the best way to compare them would be a head-to-head test.

My plan for today is to use on on my left eye and the other on my right eye. I will then apply the same eyeshadow and see which one lasts best throughout the day.

Top: MUA, Bottom: W7
The MUA primer is much thicker and as you can see it is more beige coloured, whereas the W7 primer is a lot more liquidy and has a pale pink colouring. I find that the MUA primer feels nicer to apply and it's easier to blend across my eyelid. The eyeshadows I used today were from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette - shades Nooner and Liar. At the end of the day (8am - 7pm) the results were:


As you can see, the W7 shadow has creased considerably more - the crease on the MUA is much less visible.

Overall I prefer the MUA primer, I would definitely recommend it.

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