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Thanks for taking the time to read this, I just wanted to introduce myself and my new blog. I’m Kathy and I work in finance in the North West (UK).

Over the past few months I have really enjoyed reading many beauty blogs (too many to name!) and as I have always loved writing I decided to go for it with my own.

So why Sleep and Beauty? I pondered over the name for a while, trying to think of something nice and simple that wasn’t already used for a beauty blog. I think it just sounds nice (or if you say it quickly it sounds like sleeping beauty - I’ll stop with the terrible jokes, promise) and as I sleep in so much in the morning I don’t allow myself enough time for a lengthy beauty routine, as much as I love skincare and makeup.

This is why I love products that are easy to use, long lasting and beautiful at the same time. I’m also a fan of multi-tasking products though I am still undecided on whether products designed for a specific purpose are better.

What kind of products will I be writing about? I have blemish-prone skin and I love to experiment with different make-up looks so it will be quite a variety. I mostly buy drugstore brands though I do like the occasional splurge on something nice, especially from NARS.

I hope that my reviews can provide an insight into the products I try and help someone else to make a decision on whether they would enjoy it too. That’s certainly what I get from other beauty blogs, I rarely buy anything beauty related now without checking out several reviews first! If I'm looking for a skincare or base product I would look for someone with a similar skin type. With general make-up products I would read a variety of reviews from a range of bloggers - my aim is to add to that and give advice where I can.

What I love about make-up is that everyone loves different things, what might work for one person might be loathed by another - that's the fun of it though, finding what suits you.

Price is a massive factor for me, that doesn't mean that I don't sometimes buy expensive things but I am all about the value, probably my finance background coming through a bit there. A feature that I will be including at the end of each post is a Beauty Spend Tracker - it'll be interesting to see how much I spend and how much I'm making the most of what I already have.

Hope you enjoy reading!


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