Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Real Techniques Sam's Picks Set

Escentual, £25.40 + delivery
Feel Unique, £29.99

L-R: Multi-Task Brush, Setting Brush, Buffing Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Essential Crease Brush, Fine Liner Brush
I purchased this from Amazon in January for around £28 but it has since gone out of stock, I can't seem to find it in stock anywhere but you can pre-order from Escentual or sign up for an e-mail alert when it's back at Feel Unique. For six brushes it is a good value set so I'd recommend keeping an eye out for it. While they all have specific purposes, I find that everyone uses brushes in their own way, so here are mine.

Multi-Task Brush

This is the brush I use most from the collection, I use it everyday to apply powder to my nose and set under-eye concealer. It is so soft and packed with bristles, it is perfect for this purpose.

Setting Brush

I use this one to apply powder highlighter across my cheekbones as it picks up just a little product and blends out easily for a subtle glow.

Buffing Brush

I have two of these now (I may have also bought the core collection, but more on that another time), it is useful to have a spare as it can be used for different purposes. It is quite good for applying blush, though you have to avoid being heavy handed when picking it up on the brush to make sure you don't apply too much.

Pointed Foundation Brush

This is quite a small foundation brush compared to others that I own, it is great for blending all over the face - though this takes a little longer due to the smaller size. I apply my current base (NARS Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturiser) with my fingers as I find it isn't quite suitable for brush application, so I don't use this brush much at the moment.

Essential Crease Brush

I love this eyeshadow brush, it is actually amazing. I apply my chosen colour with another brush and then run this one along the crease of my eyelid. It creates such a soft finish that I find sets the eyeshadow and makes it look great.

Fine Liner Brush

I admit I haven't actually used this brush for anything close to its designed purpose. I have used it to apply bright red eyeshadow because I didn't have another clean brush available and I wanted to try the colour without getting it all over my regular brush. It picked up a lot of the product quite well but other than that I can't really comment on it.

While there are a couple of brushes in this collection I don't use that often, it is a great set and a brilliant introduction to Real Techniques. They wash easily too, though as they are so fluffy I find it easier to lie them on the edge of a shelf in my airing cupboard where it's a little warmer. The first time I washed them I hadn't anticipated how long they would take to dry and just left them on a rack in the hall. Next time the set is back in stock I would say buy it straight away!

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