Monday, 24 February 2014

Thoughts: Weekend Make-up

Weekends = Lie-ins

Now I know a lot of people wear less make-up at the weekends, but for me it's an opportunity to try something a bit more unusual or different. As I will either be at home or just out for a meal/drinks/cinema, it doesn't matter too much if my make-up doesn't last long or doesn't look perfect. If I go a little OTT then it's not as if I'm at work where it'll look inappropriate!

I've started using Saturdays and Sundays to experiment a little more and try out new products that I've been meaning to test. It doesn't matter to me if I wear a full face of make-up for a lazy day in, it's more about enjoying using the products and playing around a bit. For example yesterday I used a sky blue eyeshadow which I found rather striking and I'm not sure if it works on its own.

Does anyone else do this or do you prefer a more laid-back approach to make-up at the weekend?

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